Chairman’s Desk

Chairman, Adventz Group

India is set to emerge as an economic juggernaut in the 21st Century. We are confident that our Group under the ‘Adventz’ banner will play a key role in this transformation.

We will seek to leverage the power of the group’s diversity in terms of knowledge, best practices and technological excellence to effect genuine and exponential progress in the sectors that we operate in, not only to positively impact India’s development and progress but also to emerge as a vibrant global brand.

The Zuari Group and the Texmaco Group, together represent the twin pillars of a remarkable entrepreneurial visions; the vision of the late Dr. K.K. Birla, who dreamt of a strong and resurgent India, which would occupy a proud place in the family of nations. That vision has spawned a host of diverse enterprises in our group, which span key economic sectors in the areas of agriculture, heavy industry, engineering services, consumer durables, real estate and financial services. However, businesses today are being buffeted by major winds of change. In such an environment mere incremental change will not suffice; organizations will have to radically transform themselves to meet these challenges. We have therefore repositioned the group under a unified banner “Adventz”.

The Indian economy has to realize its full potential to pull millions of countrymen out of a dark alley and provide them self-esteem through job creation and gainful employment opportunities to harness the country’s rich demographic dividend. In this direction, the government has already launched major schemes for providing vocational and technical training to build new skills. The National Mission for Skill Development aims at consolidating several initiatives in this regard.

Distributive justice and a general welfare of the masses will need robust GDP growth in a stable environment with the right macro-economic priorities. In addressing the economic issues, we have also to reckon global developments, which impact merchandise exports, rendering the economy vulnerable to external shocks. For Texmaco Rail, the emphasis of the Government in revitalizing the manufacturing sector with a special priority on the Rail Sector would be conducive to its accelerated growth and diversification programme. This will enable the Company to fulfil its corporate vision of becoming a global engineering enterprise.