Texmaco Rail


Texmaco Rail & Engineering Limited boasts of one of the best manufacturing infrastructure in the country. The facility consists of five factories close to Kolkata, extending over 170 acres, with excellent road, rail, and air and port connectivity.

Our manufacturing shops are equipped with the latest production technologies and adhere to strict quality assurance standards.

Texmaco Rail & Engineering Limited also has the following facilities.

1. Heavy Engineering Division - TEXMACO has diversified into the production of Locomotive Shell and other Components for Electric Locomotives, outsourced by the Indian Railways. It is an outstanding name in the field of design, fabrication, supply, erection, and commissioning of Hydro-mechanical Equipment for mega Hydro-power projects. It is also well-known for fabrication of Heavy Steel Structures for Thermal Power Stations, Flyovers, Railway Bridges, Cranes and Equipment for steel plants, naval Ship Structures for Indian Navy etc. The Company also manufactures various types of Process Equipment such as, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Reactors, Bullets, Trailer-mounted Cryogenic Tanks, and Horton Spheres etc. in diverse materials of construction.

2. Steel Foundry - The Steel Foundry of TEXMACO is the largest in the Country with a capacity upto 30000 Tonnes of quality Castings per year. It has a State-of-the-Art facility set up by the world renowned M/s. Kunkel Wagner, Germany. The Foundry has earned the distinction of Quality Assurance Certificate (M-1003) from AAR (Association of American Railroads), making it the only Foundry in India qualified to export railway castings to the North American Market.